Holding hang it hopper

Introducing a revolutionary grain hopper design

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What is a Hang it Hopper?

Quite simply, it’s the most ingenious grain hopper ever designed and built. It's lightweight, installs with minimal time and effort, and virtually eliminates grain waste. It’s designed by a farm family, for farm families. It’s tailor-made for all farming operations, regardless of size or type of grain harvested.

Construction of your Hang it Hopper:

After numerous prototypes, and many hours of fool-proof trials at our own registered grain farm, and at neighbours' farms, we have perfected a blend of polyethylene over a lightweight, but strong, aluminum sub-structure.  Your Hang it Hopper can be carried with one arm, and moved from bin to bin with ease. Every Hang it Hopper is manufactured in Alberta by reliable and conscientious craftsmen who understand the importance of ensuring quality, reliability and safety.

The many advantages on the Hang it Hopper:
  • Lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Protects grain from rain and snow
  • Less waste during the grain transfer process
  • Ultra-easy installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Very portable
  • Farm-tested and approved by people like you
  • Proudly made in Alberta

Almost zero spillage with a Hang it Hopper:

Grain waste was the biggest reason that we conceived the idea of the first Hang It Hopper prototype. Our product seals around your auger on three sides. It’s highly moisture resistant! Rain and snow are kept out. There is virtually no need to move out shovels full of grain after you have filled your truck or grain cart. There will be nothing left in the Hang It Hopper to go to waste.

Are there various sizes of Hang it Hoppers available?

Yes, indeed.  Regardless of the size of your farming operation, the size/make of auger you use, bin type or manufacturing company you’ve chosen, we can offer a Hang it Hopper that will work for you.

Are Hang it Hoppers expensive?

When you factor in the amount of frustration you save, the time and effort you save not lugging around a typical heavy, cumbersome hopper and especially when you realize that you will no longer be feeding the deer and sparrows with the grain you’ve left behind at the bin site, Hang it Hoppers are a real bargain. Contact us for current pricing.

Where can I buy my Hang it Hopper?

We stock and sell Hang it Hoppers right at our farm site.  We are easy to find, located close to New Norway, Alberta.
You can also make your purchase at these retail locations:
  • Wetaskiwin Co-op, call Chris or Ron at
    4707 40 Avenue, Wetaskiwin AB  T9A 2B8

If you have any other questions or would like further information, feel free to contact us.